Thursday, December 29, 2011


Desi is our Roanoke model. I did a Christmas blog on her, and wanted to share a few others she lives with. Her mom and dad are amazing and do so much for the Pekes that need help in their area. If you live in the Roanoke area, go to Harris Animal Hospital. Dr. Hodges is wonderful!

Rook is her non-Peke sister. (To see her full story, go to my May 18, 2011
blog.) Rook was abandoned and the only people she trusted were Lucinda and Roger. She made an incredible recovery after she was able to be helped by them.

This is Cassidy. He is a Llasa-Poo and a good friend of Desi and Fiona's.

And here is Kipper. I love his little Christmas tie. His dad says he's a Peke-a-Chi. :-) His mom wants him to feel more a part of the Peke pack though, so she calls him a Chekingese. Chekingese... Pekingese... makes sense to me! She met Kipper when he was brought to the clinic to be euthanized as a puppy. He was very ill with distemper and his owners thought he should be put down. Lucinda says, "Kipper screamed bloody murder when I picked him up. I was not a little dog person at all. Once little Kipper laid his head in my hand and looked up trustingly at me with those big eyes, I was hooked. Only 20% of dogs with distemper live, but there was a fighter in that tiny little body of his (2 pounds!). Kipper really changed my mind about what little guys are capable of. He learned how to play dead, fetch, jump through hoops." You can tell she loves this little boy!

And there is Shrek, who has no w gone to live with his grandmom. She couldn't bear for him to leave when he was going to a foster home, so he'll get to see all his friends whenever he wants.

I love all the Christmas pictures I've received, and I'll keep posting them! It keeps up in the holiday spirit for a long time! :-)


lady jicky said...

I am going to look at that site Roger for the peppermints!
Do your dogs chew them??? LOL

That Desi has some wonderful friends with two and four feet!!! LOL

lady jicky said...

Oh Roger you are a terrible man!!!
I thought Amazon only sold books!!!

I have now found MORE cute things to buy !!!


Roger said...

They lick, chew, chase and toss them! They love playing with them.

I thought everyone knew about Amazon! I hope you don't get into too much trouble. It is a big place. :-)