Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Dollar is looking for Santa Claus. He hears that he is coming-- he must be ready. But, wear a green outfit?.....

Dollar was not happy to have to participate in a photo session. He's so cute though!

Maybe if they'd give me something to eat, it would take the sting out of wearing these green pants. Really, Dollar, you are so cute. You look like a little Elf.

I love your mom's tree behind you.

I think you're getting the hang of it here. I know Desi was laughing at you. Your mom told me that. Desi loves her photo sessions, but she's a girl and she's like that. :-) I think Santa will be good to all of you. Keep looking for him!

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lady jicky said...

Dollar - you are such a good boy ! At least you stayed in your cute green outfit for the photos !

Santa knows you are a good boy and I am sure something fabbo will be under that tree for you !!!