Saturday, December 10, 2011


Meet Homer. He just came in from Maryland. He was left at a friend's house and she couldn't keep him. She also said he was in pain of some kind and on medication.

He went to Paige's and she realized he was in a LOT of pain. Off to the vet they went.

The shots and medication seemed to help and he enjoyed being loved on. He is a very sweet dog.

Friday morning, he was screaming in pain, so Paige rushed him back to the vet. We'll keep you updated on what is going on with him. We want him to be pain-free and have a wonderful Christmas.

He is only 3 years old and under 12 pounds, so he's not a big boy. But, he has a big heart to love someone out there who will give him a forever home. Just check out facebook and blog to get updates on his condition.

We started a chip-in for his care. He had to see the specialist and that costs money! We just want him to be okay. If you can help a little bit, we appreciate it. (I know these are hard times for everyone-- ) Click here: ChipIn: Homer's Medical


lady jicky said...

He is so handsome Linda - I do hope he is better real soon !

Dawn-Marie said...

Poor baby!I hope the vet can diagnose and fix the problem soon!He is a handsome boy.