Friday, December 23, 2011


Mia and Marcellus (formerly Nick and Noelle) were adopted last year. When their mom found out Mia had a brother in rescue, she adopted him right away and now they are together for life.

They were just joined by a new brother: Teddy. Teddy's owner died and Mia and Marcellus' mom checked on him. He was in desperate straits and was at risk of being turned into a shelter. He was matted and had no food and needed vet care. When he saw her, he practically jumped into her arms. He was shaved down, and will have to wear a sweater outside, but he is clean and safe and has all the food he wants. He fit right into the family! And now he's part of a Christmas picture with his new siter and brother.

Here he is with Mia-- and I can see a lot of presents! I think I'll go to their house for gift time.

In the meantime, they are checking themselves out in a mirror. Maybe they are wondering what they're all wearing on Christmas day.

And look what they found! Beautiful Christmas sweaters.

And it's secret sharing time for Mia and Marcellus-- or just telling each other how lucky they are to be in this family!


lady jicky said...

Now this is what Christmas is all about !!!

What a lovely Festive Trio they are!

Kisses from Moi Moi (who went to the Vet today and we discovered the lady has a yeast infection in her ears :( - med's will fix this I hope ) and , of course, Coco who is our "new" girl here at Casa Bennett " !!! LOL

lady jicky said...

A trio of cuties Linda !!!

Toni Davis said...

They are all so lucky and beautiful! Merry Christmas to each of them.

chloemew said...

Gorgeous puppies and beautiful pictures!