Friday, December 9, 2011


Richard's incredible students are doing it again! They are raising money to help our foster Pekingese. Richard, please thank them for us-- they are amazing!

The first batch of dog cookies sold out and the students decided to make more and sell them at the school's Art show. They got busy in the cooking room.

Another teacher, Nancy, brought along Kricket, her recent rescue from Rescue Me Yorkie. Kricket was doing a great job supervising. Did she eat any cookies? I'm sure she was tempted!

Richard loves dogs and enjoyed holding Kricket while she checked out the packages of cookies.

He just couldn't put her down. I can see why!

The students came to help sell the cookies even though it was in the evening. They were very proud of their work and we are, too. Those look good enough for us to eat.

They know how to set up a beautiful and appealing table to bring in the cookie buyers.

The customers couldn't resist those beautiful wrappings of cookies.

Kricket, however, had to take a break and go to sleep on the table. I see she is right next to the cookies. Is she making sure there's at least one left for her?

Richard's students sent us a big donation from all the cookies they sold. They have made other donations to us and I want to personally say THANK YOU to each of them for their loving hearts. They have a wonderful teacher, too!!

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lady jicky said...

Richard -- your gang are the best!!!!