Sunday, December 11, 2011


Domino has been with her new parents for about a month now. He likes to be first in line. He can keep an eye on his parents better than way.

Domino's vet comes right to the house. Look at her van. Domino and his friends must be very special. The vet's professional diagnosis of Domino is "too cute." I love that!

When it's meal time, Domino is first in line there, too. Can you see his Doberman sister on the porch? Yes, they have Pekes and Dobies. The Pekes think they are Dobies and the Dobies think they are Pekes. Domino saw Tess, the Peke, walk under Tori (one of the Dobies) so now he walks under her, too. Tori just wags her tail.

Domino still has anxiety issues, but his moms are working to help him overcome those. He can be Houdini getting out of things. He has to be crated because of his anxiety if his parents are not home-- but he can get out of the most well secured crates. They even hid to see how he did it. I just hope Domino realizes he is safe and doesn't have to panic when he's not with his moms. He has the other dogs to keep him safe! We'll keep you posted, but we know he's there to stay. I love this home!

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lady jicky said...

Well ....... I think I AM A PEKE TOO!!! lol