Thursday, December 15, 2011


Shrek pretended to be a Peke when one of our reps was at the shelter to pick up two Pekes. Shrek was just about turning himself inside out to get Roger's attention and he wanted to go, too.

One of his eyes had been removed at the shelter and it was a mess. (I won't include that picture!) He definitely needed help.

He sure "landed" in the right spot-- because Roger's wife, Lucinda is a vet and she took care of this sweet boy. He was neutered, had a hernia repair, nose surgery, and a dental.

He was not in good shape, but his hair is growing back and he just wants to be loved.

He has some balance problems, but they don't slow down his exuberant spirit.

He is ready for Christmas with his red outfit on. He dreaming of Santa, I'm sure.

Shrek is going to go to Coco's house to be fostered.

She's ready with her Christmas bows and toys and will be glad to have a friend. He's coming right after Christmas, Coco, so save him some toys!

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lady jicky said...

You know what Linda, I think little Shrek has Griffon in him.