Monday, November 3, 2014


 Bandit came to us from a shelter after his owner turned him in.    He was in horrific shape, with little hair, itchy skin, and small-- ten pounds.
 We could not resist his face.   We do receive quite a few requests to help, and we cannot help them all, but we try.   We had a space for Bandit with  Jeanne.
 You can look at his face and see he is in discomfort, but he is already improving.
 Carter, who is usually a little unhappy about a new dog coming, was watching over Bandit-- look how small he is!
 I know you want to go in here, but it's the shed.    Come on back to the house.  (It's a colorful shed!!)
 Click here: Must Love Pekes: PEKE IN NEED    Here he was before we got him.    But, now he's clean, flea-free and loving.
 You can see how much hair is missing-- and his  little underbite!
 He uses the playpen for his meals-- I think he is done!
 And he wants out!
 Time to cuddle up in a blanket.   I think he's going to need a sweater for the cold days ahead.
 Welcome to rescue little man.   Jeanne will take great care of you!

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lady jicky said...

Oh that poor boy but ...... I know with all your help he will be on the road to health !

I feel so sad just looking at him.