Sunday, November 30, 2014


 Koko came to me from a Maryland shelter last March.  
 She had ten major seizures the first week-end I had her.    Thank goodness, my vet is 2 miles away and they are open late (until midnight!).    I was there a lot.
 After trial and error, we found a dose of phenobarbital and potassium bromide that worked great for seizure control.   She did great on them and did not have any more seizures.
 Koko is a stunningly beautiful Peke.
 She had a lot of personality and became attached to us very quickly.  (That showed me she could love someone else, too.)
 Here she was at the picnic running straight to me.    Made my heart smile-- look at her face!!
 Yes, she was a happy girl.    With her seizure medications, I wasn't sure anyone would adopt her.
 But, then I got an application for her-- and they lived near me!   How often does that happen?
 She met the dogs at their home and two liked her right away.  Here she is giving her new dad kisses.
 Nunzio, the Corgi, well, he was hesitant about her joining the home.    He was looking at her as if to say, "why are you here?"    She was touching him!
 Her new mom and dad loved her right away!
 She took over Nunzio's bed.   He laid on the floor, near by.
 Koko checked out the back yard-- which is on the water.   How nice is that!
 And then she and Nunzio began to run the fence with the neighbor dogs.    Koko loved to run here with one of my daughter's dogs.
 Back and forth, Koko and Nunzio ran.    It looked like "Me" and "Mini-Me"-- which is what he new dad calls her!
 They have so much fun.
 She has gained on him.
Then, they came in-- got on the couch and took a nap.    I am thrilled that Koko has such a wonderful new home.     And she is doing great, which makes it so much easier on me (I always worry about them).     I love you, beautiful Koko!    I am so glad you were with me awhile-- and that you have your very own forever home now!  

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lady jicky said...

This is just wonderful to read Linda!!

KoKo is lovely and she is so lucky that she has found a home that cares for her and I just know ... she cares for them too!