Thursday, November 27, 2014


 I love autumn-- the colors are stunning around us.   I live in Virginia and I think it is such a beautiful season-- plus it has Thanksgiving!
 All of us at my home want to wish you a blessed Thanksgiving.   Here is Chumley-- Chum-Chum, Chummy.    He is laid back when he's not running around with his purple gorilla.
 Lexie is here-- she has a support group cheering her on.    Some of her medications have been increased.    She is fighting an infection, but we are doing all we can do to bring her through.  She is so sweet.
 Starlight is in her usual place in the coffee table.    She would love to sit at the table for Thanksgiving dinner-- not happening little girl. :-)
 The Bits are here.   Drill Bit and Beach Bit will wrestle, run, play, fight-- and just be boys.
 Bitty Bit and Lil Bit will make cards, have fun, do crafts and help us in the kitchen.
 Kai Kai just wants to hang out.    The top of the couch is his favorite place.
And Max, my oldest Peke now, just wants to watch us, sleep and hope something delicious falls from the table.    Have a blessed Thanksgiving from all of us!

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lady jicky said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all in the USA !!!

* Those Bits are getting Bigger Linda !!!