Saturday, November 15, 2014


 Koko came to us from a shelter in Maryland in March.    She had been put there by her owners
 She is a beautiful little girl, but her owners neglected to tell us she had a serious seizure disorder.
 She had ten major seizures the first week-end I had her.   We were at the vet a lot!
 How could you abandon this face?
 She is stunning.
 She trusted me right away and I loved having her here.
 I received an application for her.  We went to visit.   Midnight was hanging out on the chair.
 Nunzio, the Corgi, was there.
 And Theo was hanging out on the stairs keeping an eye on Koko.
Koko's applicants fell in love with her.   We explored the yard and checked out her new home.
 Koko will love her new family-- but I'll worry about her for awhile as I get used to her not being here.   It's part of rescue-- letting them go.
I love you, Koko-- I'm so glad you have your forever family now!!   Thank you for being part of our family for awhile!


lady jicky said...

Oh little KoKo ..... I wish you love and luck in your new home and I do hope they make sure she takes her medicines .... then all will be happy.
That peke is just so sweet!!!

Unknown said...

Koko is a stunning little lady, and her adopters are very lucky people to get to have this little beauty! May the rest of her days be careful and happy, filled with love!