Saturday, November 29, 2014


 Camp Runamuck has wound down.   It's a little calmer today.   Lexie and Kai Kai are exhausted.
 Usually, it is Kai Kai and Lexie in the open crate behind my desk.
 But, over Thanksgiving, Pi-Pi climbed in. She is my daughter's Lab-Shepherd mix who is about 13 now.
 One time, Kai Kai was already in there.   Can you move over?
 Chumley loved all the extra company-- here he is with Bitty Bit.
 Max must have been worn out because he got up on her lap.
 Starlight was in her hidey hole.   Pi found a little dog bed, and Lexie curled up on another.   The xpen was for Lottie, my daughter's older Peke.   Lottie has to wear a diaper now, or she has to be in the xpen.   She's going on 15!
 Chumley made the rounds and curled up with Lil Bit.  
 The rest were fine-- the floor was much easier to get to.
We all had a wonderful Thanksgiving-- I hope all of you did, too!

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lady jicky said...

I just love Pi in that tiny, tiny bed!!!!