Monday, April 27, 2015


It was a Bit week-end.  
Beach Bit is in love with his new sister-- I have been calling her Baby Bit.  Her Bit name has almost been decided.
Jeanne sent a flag to hang out front once she arrived.
And she was here-- so her 3 Bit cousins came to meet her.   (There are other Bits, but they live too far away.)
Kai Kai was on top of the couch-- right next to Baby Bit.
Gigi, the puppy, crawled into one of the dog beds.   She fit just fine-- for now.   She is still growing.
Pi didn't fit too well, but she was fine with that.
Drill Bit was curled up-- playing a game on his ipad.   (Why is it that a 5 year old can do all this on an ipad, and I'm illiterate on them!)
Lil Bit was playing games on her phone.    And Bitty Bit was on another game in the kitchen.   We had electronics, Bits, Pekes, a puppy and a Shepherd mix-- it was a Camp Runamuck week-end!
Dogs curled up-- Max was supervising.   I think he really wanted Gigi's toy.
Bitty Bit was ready for anything.
Starlight had a few "moments"-- too much activity for her.    Lexie just stayed under a chair.   I let her go in her playpen to have some calm moments.
Drill Bit was ready for anything-- but mostly he and Beach Bit destroyed the playroom.
It was a Bit week-end-- big bits, little bits, doggy bits.    We all had a great time loving on our new family member!


lady jicky said...

Hey..... there are AUSSIE BITS there too !!!


Ted & Grace's Mom said...

I always love reading about Camp Runamuck and I am SO happy for your family, with the newest bit to love. :)