Monday, May 11, 2015


                   I have had to do too many farewells this  past week.   Each one is a dog that was a rescue, a special little Peke that I knew.   Tonight, I was honored to be with Bubbles' mom as she said good-bye to her.    Champagne Bubbles came into rescue two years ago (February, 2013).   It seems so much longer, because she has had such a full life since we got her.     
She had very bad eyes and was blind and over time, removing her eyes was so much better for her.   She did so well and did not have to be bothered with the eye drops all the time.   Since she could not see anyway, there was really no adjustment for her.    She healed and continued on with her happy life.  Her hearing was wonderful, and she got around so well.
We thought she was about 8 years old, but she must have been older because her health started to go down.   She developed a serious heart condition-- a heart murmur and went into congestive heart failure.  It was managed for awhile with medication.   Her foster/adoptive mom took her to a wonderful vet and she received all the care she could get.
The last few months have been rough, but she still enjoyed going outside and being with her friends, Daisy the cat, Festus, Hurricane and Seminole, the Pekes.    Seminole passed away last week, so losing Bubbles this week is awful for their mom.    My heart just goes out to her.   She loves the special ones, the older ones, and she has given these Pekes such a wonderful life.
Bubbles, you were loved so much.    Letting you go was so difficult for your mom, but it was time for you to go to be with Seminole and your other friends.  Run free now, little one.


lady jicky said...

Oh my Linda ... this is just so sad!

My prayers to Bubble's family.

Toni Davis said...

Prayers for the family! So devastating!

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Very very sad to hear that Bubbles' family has lost her and that she's the second one in such a very short time…. :(

Chris said...

" ... the special ones, the older ones ..." Blessings and condolences to this open-hearted mom. I'm so very sorry for the loss of these wonderful little dogs in such a short span of time. Run, play, be free! You will be remembered, "special ones".