Wednesday, May 27, 2015


 This little girl was at a shelter near me and needed help.   She was not considered adoptable because she needed a lot of surgery.
 They told me she was about 12 years old and was blind.    (She is not 12.)
 I picked her up yesterday and the first thing she did was wag her tail!
 We walked around outside until it was time to go in the vet.    I got a urine and poop sample-- I'm getting just too good at getting these (too much practice haha).
 Someone donated this harness at the picnic, and I put it on her.  It's a little big.    Thank you to whoever donated it!!
 Her foster mom met me at the vet and we went over the name options-- we decided Sophie was a sweet name for her.  
 She is 9.3 pounds, too thin, but she can gain weight--a pound or two.   She had fleas -- those things are gone!  
 She loves to roll around on the floor and have her tummy and neck rubbed.
 She walked around the exam room-- she bumped into things gently, and then just moved in another direction.   If you said anything, she "looked" toward you and wagged her tail!
 She has beautiful coloring.
 We had her bloodwork done, and will get it back tomorrow.
 Dr. Meador took care of her today-- she is great!  (I use Acredale Animal Hospital in Virginia Beach and highly recommend them.)   Sophie is set up for surgery to spay, fix her hernias, and remove at least one of her eyes.   We don't know if the right eye needs to be removed-- it's very red, and non-visual.   That eye will be checked further.
This little girl was so worth saving-- she is not 12, but probably only about 6 years old-- she has a lot of life left in her!   Welcome to rescue, sweet girl!


lady jicky said...

Oh what a sweet little one Sophie is!
Soooooo under weight but I know she will be eating up a treat now!

Good luck with your Ops Ms Sophie - they will get you better.

Linda .... Moi Moi and Coco are off to the Vet tomorrow for dental. While under I want the Vet to look at this little growth on Coco's eyelid... have just discovered it !!! I am a bit worried :(

Bonnie Anderson said...

Sophie you are in great hands now and will have a wonderful furever home that you so deserve!