Friday, May 22, 2015


Anna with her Suzie Q-- oh, this is sweet!!  I love her parasol.  
Gus was stunning-- he was ready for an adventure!
And here he is with Willie Wonton!    Two New York Pekes.  
 Jeanne was so excited when she saw Gus-- he was one of her fosters that needed so much medical care.
 He remembered her, too.    Lots of kisses were given!
 And then Marshall peeked around her arm-- he was there, too!
 Jeanne was beside herself to see these two medical fosters-- both adopted-- back for a visit.
Foster parents love coming to the picnic to see their adopted Pekes.   It just makes our day!
Suzie Q agrees that coming to the picnic was a great idea!  
Willie Wonton -- it was great to see you!!  

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lady jicky said...

Hi Linda ....Just back home from South Australia ... the holiday break with my Mum was great!

Mind you ..... I think we would have had a lot more fun at your Picnic!!!!
I have been looking over the Must Love Peke's blog and I see we have some adoptions - Yeah and a birthday !! Happy Birthday Lexie!
Looks like you all had a bonza time at that Pekey picnic :)