Wednesday, May 13, 2015


 Leila and Tiggy belong to a friend of mine.    Leila was his original Peke.  She just turned 12.
 Tiggy was a rescue-- he is 14 years old now.   He was rescued from neglect and has no eyes now, but believe me, it hasn't gotten in his way.
 He knew there was a special treat for him on his last birthday.
 YUM!!  Green beans, rice.... a tasty dinner!
 Leila and Tiggy had another brother and sister-- adopted through us-- Precious and Bear.    They were 15 and 18 when they passed away, but what a home full of love they had!
 Tigger is just a sweetheart and he hopes he can have another Peke join the family-- maybe that will happen soon!
Leila-- Beautiful Leila as she has been called-- is ready, too.    I can't wait to see their Dad at the Peke picnic this Saturday.   Hope to see a lot of you!

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lady jicky said...

Oh ... are they going to the picnic ? Wonderful !!!

Green beans and rice ... very healthy Birthday dinner indeed ! :)