Sunday, May 10, 2015


 Gracie came into rescue in 2011.   She had been in the shelter for 3 months when we were asked to take her.
 Her story was tragic-- her owner had been shot and Gracie stayed by her side until she was discovered.    I cannot imagine what she thought.   But, it didn't change her loving spirit.   She was so happy to be rescued.   Colleen picked her up and helped get her to her foster home.
 She was taken to the vet and we realized she was not a young girl-- but I love the seniors and I am so glad our group believes in helping them.
 Gracie (formerly Tracey) was fostered and adopted by Debbie.    She loved this little one so much.
She said good-bye to Gracie after four years with her-- years full of love and happiness.    Run free now little one.


Ted & Grace's Mom said...

So sorry for your loss but so glad she had a loving second home for four good years.

lady jicky said...

I do remember her start Linda ... I am so sad to read this but she was loved and gave love too.

Thinking of her family.

Mimi said...

So sorry for the loss of beloved Gracie. May she dance over the Rainbow bridge with love from Chien Chien and Elizabeth