Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I've had to do too many farewells this week.  Three in the past week.    So, I'm doing a fun one today-- just life in my home.   It's chaotic, busy, full of dogs an wonderful husband, and grandkids and daughters and sons in law.  I love my life.   I'm never bored.   So, enjoy a bit of our life.   :-)    Here we go!    

Kai Kai is glad the week-end is over and things are calm.   We were BUSY!!
 It was busy because we had a graduation for my daughter who earned her PHD.  Sugar Bit was not impressed-- she just wants her mom.
 Drill Bit and Lil Bit just hung out after a long day.    Watching Paddington, the movie, was fun!
 The dogs were tired-- company, people coming and going wore them out.
 Chumley didn't even have his dumbell toy with him-- it was across the room.  He was tired.
 The boy Bits were having a blast-- in the hammock, making noise, causing chaos and destruction.
 They even pulled town a few trees-- well, big limbs that they "cut" down with their bare hands.
 They made great weapons, horses, forts... they have wonderful imaginations.
 Then, it was time to take a trip.  Chumley got in one of the car seats.   He was going to see Bitty Bit.  He adores her.
 Drill Bit was ready.
 We went to Bitty Bit's ballet recital-- Chumley wishes he could have been there.  But, dogs weren't allowed.
Back home, he relaxed, all the dogs were glad that things were settling down.   We love the chaos, but after the chaos, quiet is good, too.

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lady jicky said...

Oh Kids and dogs .... just the best Linda :)