Saturday, May 30, 2015


 I know you like to hear how Lexie is doing.   Here she is sitting with Kai Kai at the door.  
 She must smell something good cooking because she is licking her lips!
 They were watching me play frisbee with Beach Bit in the front yard.  
 Here they are again-- are you sticking your tongue out at me?
 I know you want to come out-- but you just have to watch.
More of the gang is coming-- I see Max now, too.
 Sometimes, Lexie has a "down day" because of her IMHA.   It's a rough disease, but so far she keeps bouncing back.
 It's a horrible disease, but the good days are winning.   She had lost weight, but is now up to 11 pounds!!   A giant!
 If I'm on the porch, Lexie is there, too.  
 And so is Starlight-- aka bossy girl! haha
Lexie, for the most part, is doing well, taking her medications and trying to have victory over this disease.   In the IMHA world, we call her a warrior, and she is certainly that.   We all love this sweet girl.  


lady jicky said...

Lexie is really looking well Linda !!!!

Doris Sturm said...

I'm sorry Lexie has this disease (I had to look it up) and I will pray for her. Glad she has other Peke comnpanions to keep her mind off her problems (so to speak) and keep her company. That always helps. Thank you for posting those lovely photos. Glad that she is loved and well taken care of!