Thursday, May 14, 2015


 Look at this little one.   Okay, he's not full Peke, but he is sure cute!!
 He was an "owner" turn in to a shelter and he was doing so badly.    He was terrified and depressed.
 His owner died and the family just took him to the shelter.   He had no idea what was going on and the shelter said he was too afraid there to meet people.  He would just cower.
 The shelter was overcrowded and had limited space, so he had to go to a rescue.   The staff was concerned enough about him to contact rescue-- Kudos to them!
 He is still shy, but he is happy!!   Look at that smile!  
 He is four years old and ten pounds, at most.  
 He gets along with other dogs, too.   And I think he likes toys-- are you hiding that one, Monkey?
 I think he's tired from all the play.   Are you resting now little one?
 Yes, I see those eyes are getting a bit droopy.  
 Uh huh-- you are about to fall asleep.  It's okay-- you can rest now, knowing you are safe.
Or you can just let the lion and the turtle protect you!     Welcome, sweet Monkey-- we are glad we could help you.

1 comment:

lady jicky said...

You can see a little, little peke in there I think.

He is a monkey :) His longer nose will let him have better breathing and so ... better health!

I am doing a Monkey Adoption Dance right now for him!
Will he be at the picnic ???