Monday, May 18, 2015


 Our PVPC annual picnic was last Saturday.  I arrived early (after getting up at 4:30 to drive 4 hours) and some were already there, setting things up.   Cody met me.  He belongs to Roger and Lucinda who were busy setting up Desi's Photo Booth.
 Desi was there of course!   Her photo booth was ready for all the Pekes to arrive.
  Onslow was there, too.    He is so sweet and friendly!
 Rammi had his tie on and was ready to see the Pekes arriving.  
 Kay and Claretta had arrived early to set up our silent auction-- Here are Eve and Lucinda adding their items to the table.  We had SO many wonderful things to choose from-- gates, clothes, purses and wallets.  There were pictures, life vests, dog beds, soft dog houses, harnesses, collars and little dog carriers!!   Oh, you should see the things I brought home!!  
 Cody had to go into his playpen once all the people began to arrive.    Desi did not understand why she had to be there, too.  She is a princess after all!
 Onslow and Rammi shared another playpen.    They would have liked to roam around-- but it wasn't happening haha.  Get ready for more blogs and pictures this week!!   We had so much fun!!!

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