Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cindy and Amy

Before we see Cindy and Amy, I wanted to show you Darby. She is a former foster dog and she now lives in Richmond, VA. All of the gift giving and unwrapping finally took its toll. She needed a rest! I think a lot of us felt like that-- we wish we could have curled up with you. :-)
Cindy and Amy came into rescue in late October. They were turned in to a shelter by a breeder who was done with them. They have had their teeth cleaned, been spayed, and have found love with their foster mom.
They enjoy each other very much, but can be adopted separately. They just want someone to love them and give them a forever home.
"Are you looking to give me a home?" If you are, email Linda at

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lady jicky said...

My new years wish is that they both get adopted together!

happy new year to you Linda and to Cindy and Amy too!