Monday, December 7, 2009

Essie's Dogs

Essie is our newest foster mom in Richmond. We are so thankful to have her-- she is Ralph's foster mom and Ralph adores her!
This is Cubbie Woo, Essie's gorgeous black Peke.
This is Missy Ann-- she's not a Peke. :-) Just thought I'd tell you.
This is Sugar Bun-- I just love these names! She's not a Peke either.
This is Deannie Edward-- this one IS a Peke. I'm just trying to keep you all straight. I know you read this blog on Pekes, but with all the gorgeous dogs I have on this post, it's hard to realize some are just not Pekingese.
Here are Chewie and Deannie. They look like they are having a conversation. :-) Chewie has Evans Syndrome, an auto-immune health issues. He is almost eleven now, and sleeps most of the time, but he is comfortable and greatly loved.
This is GizMoe Li. She's beautiful!
Whoops, here's Cubbie again-- he's so pretty, I had to put him twice!

Essie, you have some beautiful dogs! I'm so glad you are helping us in rescue now!


lady jicky said...

All the dogs today are lovely but.... its Mr Chubbie that would go missing and found in my backyard if I lived nearby! LOL

Jeanne said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Essie's dogs and Linda you are correct......they sure are so nice..And Cubby is beautiful......He is almost as beautiful as my DiDi.....the Queen. :)

Tracey said...

They are all beautiful! What a wonderful Dog mom! Linda, I hope you had a good weekend with your poor sick Peke's. Hope both babies are better today!

Karin said...

Those are some very happy dogs who are obviously loved dearly and well-cared for! Very cute!

Essie said...

Thank you all for the wonderful comments on my babies. They mean the world to their daddy and myself. I am really enjoying being a foster mom and have for so long wanted to do more for Pekingese.
It breaks my heart to see so many in rescue and I will do everything I can to help them get to a wonderful, loving and safe home.

Linda said...

Essie, you're the best! I'm so glad you're in our group now-- you've made a difference for several already! :-)