Thursday, December 3, 2009

Just a Dog

An update: Anna had another surgery today (her picture is below sitting on my kitchen rug). She would probably have died without it. If any of you want to help with her bills, just go to and you can use paypal. I know this is Christmas and most of us have no extra money, so don't worry if you can't help. I just like to extend the invitation to those that can. I know the rest of you are helping by praying for these little ones.
Here's my Starlight (former foster dog who wasn't adopted--she has an "attitude") with a red bandage on her leg-- it's an IV connection. She had a major seizure on Tuesday night, and one the following morning. She was at the vet all day yesterday and will be there today. We'll get her stabilized. My vet is GREAT! It's Acredale Animal Hospital ( ) in Virginia Beach, VA. I LOVE MY VET! (They are giving me discounts on all the surgeries we are doing on our foster dogs-- so if you want to say thank you, just put it in the comments and I'll let them know.) The vets we use in Richmond (Farmers Veterinary Hospital and Northern Virginia Colonial Animal Hospital are also wonderful.
For us in rescue, and many others, there is no such thing as "Just a Dog." These are living, breathing examples of God's presence in this world. To look at these faces is to be given a gift. To be able to help them come back to health, learn to trust and give love is a blessing. The story below is "Just a Dog," but we know they are much more than that. (Stitch above and below, new to rescue.)

From time to time, people tell me, "Lighten up, it's just a dog," or, "that's a lot of money for just a dog." They don't understand the distance traveled, time spent or costs involved for "Just dog." some of my proudest moments have come about with "Just a dog."
Many hours have passed with my only company being "Just a dog," and not once have I felt slighted. some of my saddest moments were brought about by "Just a dog." In those days of darkness, the gentle touch of "Just a dog" provided comfort and purpose to overcome the day. (Benny, adopted)
If you, too, think its "Just a dog," you will probably understand phrases like "Just a friend," "Just a sunrise," or "Just a promise." "Just a dog" brings into my life the very essence of friendship, trust and pure unbridled joy. (Anna, above, foster dog, who had major surgery on Wed.)
"Just a dog" brings out the compassion and patience that makes me a better person. Because of "Just a dog," I will rise early, take long walks and look longingly to the future. (Stitch, above, foster dog)
For me and folks like me, it's not "Just a dog." It's an embodiment of all the hopes and dreams of the future, the fond memories of the past, and the pure joy of the moment. "Just a dog" brings out what's good in me and diverts my thoughts away from myself and the worries of the day. (BB, above, foster dog)
I hope that someday people can understand it's not "Just a dog." It's the thing that gives me humanity and keeps me from being "Just a man or woman." (Ricky, above, adopted)
So, the next time you hear the phrase "Just a dog," smile, becuase they "Just Don't Understand." (Missy, above, foster dog)
Author Unknown
Little dogs, like Anna here, will never be "just a dog" for me.


Pekiegirl said...

So sorry about Starlight! Poor little girl!

Tracey said...

Linda, you have such a talent for writing. I would have to agree that Anniebelle, Pollyanna, Shadow, and Macy are NOT "just a dog".... they are my blessings, my loves, part of my family and heart. They know when I am sad and give me kisses, they show me how life is supposed to be with unconditional love! They are amazing! I'm praying for Anna and Starlight. I hope that both are doing better today!

claudine hellmuth said...

oh poor Anna, I hope she will feel better soon. I am in love with Stitch!

I love your post!

They are never just dogs or just cats, our pets our soul companions.

Everyone thought my husband and I were crazy when we slept with a shower curtain on our bed for 3 years because our geriatric cat would sometimes pee on us in the night. They said "just a cat" she was never "just a cat" to us!!

Linda said...

Claudine-- Stitch is GREAT. Like a big bear puppy, loves to give kisses and is housetrained. Whenever you're ready for a dog, you just let me know.

Tracey, thank you! I love doing the blog. Of course, some is from other people (and I make sure I note that). We all have the same heart for these dogs-- they give us so much.

Anna is doing better today-- still on lots of meds and still at the vet. Starlight was not a happy camper to have to return to the vet today for more monitoring/meds for her seizures. Oh well. She'll forgive me. :-)

Cris said...

Linda, all of this help and love for these dogs cleary starts with you and everyone involved in your rescue - and as a fellow animal lover- THANK YOU! I look forward to reading your stories and seeing the pics everyday. I agree 100% that Acredale has such wonderful doctors and staff, they are very caring and Dr. Evans especially helped me when my sweet Dolly began having seizures almost 4 years ago and he was with me when it was time for her to be in peace and not suffer anymore this past May.
We love our cats and dogs and they are our children too (sometimes more well behaved AND at least they don't talk back hehe- well except for the cat) I've never met "just a dog"........
I hope Anna feels better soon and I am praying for your Starlight, I remember you saying she is a Daddy's girl and it's hard for you both to see her like that. I am very close to Acredale so if you ever need anything please do not hesitate to call me.

lady jicky said...

You know I have yet to meet "just a dog" - they are all special to me.
You do hear people say that to you, usually after they ask an personal question like - "how much did that cost?" then you get "hell, its just a dog".
I have found in life that the kind of people that think that way are the sort of person I don't want to know anyway - I think to myself "Mmmm, just a dirtbag" LOL

Healing vibes to Anna and your Starlight.

I think your group of Vets that help out are very special people and the " Great Christmas Peke" will be coming their way for they have been extra "GOOD" !!!!

Karin said...

It's so scary to put them through surgeries, etc. but it's for the best. They seem to take it so much better than we humans, without complaining.
There is no such thing as "just a dog" (or any pet) I'm finding my love for dogs is still growing stronger ~ I love them all. I'm so thankful I found your blog to be able to relate to all the wonderful animal-lovers out there, and I love reading about your experiences every day.

Sylvia said...

Linda.....Please tell us more about Starlight and Anna. We've been thinking about those two girls. All dogs are more than "just a dog". Oh....if only they could talk!!! I bet we would be surprised to see how much they observe that passes us by. But then..."we're just human":-)