Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Who Broke the Pottery Vase???

I heard a loud crash downstairs the other day. I was afraid to go down. But, I did, and this is what I found.
It was a mess-- some "one" slid the whole thing almost off the table-- doile, books, flowers... pottery from my mom! You can see Anna in her pink bed-- she obviously didn't do it.
But, someone did it. I think it was Max-- he gets on things-- but he's never gotten on the coffee table. None of them have.
Anna is too sweet to do it
Nutmeg wasn't even here yet-- so she didn't do it.
Missy went to a new foster home-- so she didn't do it.
Max looks kind of guilty-- he's looking the other way. I think he did it.
But, then yesterday, I found this! It's Scooterbug! My sweet boy-- my boy who never does anything wrong, my therapy dog for all the new ones who come in. He's not looking at me either. But, here's proof! He GETS ON THE COFFEE TABLE.
After I took his picture, I chastised him. Sure, I did.


Pekiegirl said...

Baaad puppy!!!

lady jicky said...

Mmmm, I was getting worried, I thought it might have been my Kenzo!

Essie said...

I don't think any of them did it.
You live in an area that has those terrible mysterious little furballs they call Glebes. I have heard stories about all the trouble they can cause and then the little creatures snicker when someone else gets the blame for there shannigans.
That was a very nice crock.
So sorry it got broke.

Tracey said...

Isn't is so hard to "chastise" them!!! I've cleaned up many a mess, thrown away several chewed up items, dealt with a few broken things too. But, then I look at their sweet faces and can't get mad! They give me so much love that it makes it not so bad! Sorry about your vase!

Karin said...

That's so funny that Anna stayed in her bed instead of scurrying off to hide. One has to become quite the skilled detective to catch a pup in action, and when we do figure it out, their adorable faces just make us smile ;)

Cris said...

Are you sure it wasn't one of their humans? Surely cute sweet little scutterbug or any of others couldnt have possibly have done that....wait...was my Jazzy there-if so it was definetly her!!! haha she is still in very much in the puppy stage ( You know the I'm so cute I can't do wrong stage) Or MAYBE scooterbug was just showing you what happened, that's it!

Linda said...

Chris, that's it! Scooterbug is just SHOWING me. Couldn't be him-- he's too sweet! Glad you told me what happened. ;-)