Monday, December 28, 2009


Nutmeg came into rescue in December. She was abandoned in a KOA campground in S.E. Virginia. She was small and scared and had no idea why her family left her. But, they did. I will never understand.
I was called and went to pick her up. She was skittish, but as we waited to see the vet, she played with me, and just kept smiling. She knew she was safe.
She liked the vet tech who came to help her. She was very inquisitive and wanted to explore.
She went to her foster home in Richmond and is gradually adjusting there. We have realized she may have been someone's backyard breeder dog-- she had no idea what housetraining was about and she had obviously had puppies.
She isn't too sure about the other dogs there, but we hope she will learn that they can be a lot of fun.
She likes to explore their yard.
Nutmeg is a beauty. She'll just need a patient family who is willing to continue working with her. I know she'll make someone a wonderful pet. She just needs a chance. In the meantime, her foster mom and dad are taking wonderful care of her. Thanks, Essie!


Karin said...

What a beautiful peke she is! It's so disturbing that some people are capable of stealing an animal's quality of life for their own gain.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

lady jicky said...

Nutmeg is a pretty girl and Moi Moi sends her love and tells her to work on her toilet training like she did and with NO puppies anymore - life gets alot better.

Sending positive vibes for nutmeg!

Essie said...

Little NutMeg (Meggie) went out all by herself today and did potty! She went out the doggie door and even ran thru the yard side by side with GizMoe Li. GizMoe won but tomorrow she will race him again and maybe win. She has come around so well and now after a visit from Little DoLittle she is taking more to being cuddled. She is a doll. She has a new dress ordered which should be here any day and I just know she will want to model it for everyone.
I can't wait to see her in it.

claudine hellmuth said...

awww Nutmeg!!! wishing her all the best. what a pretty gal!