Thursday, December 24, 2009

Looking for Santa

This is such a cute video-- of course, as a rescue person, I'm thinking, "why is that dog out in the cold!" haha
Do you see this sweet little thing? It's Anna, my foster dog. She is incredibly sweet, housetrained, and loving. She also scared me to death a few nights ago. I could NOT find Anna that evening. I looked all over the house, looked in every bed, went upstairs, she wasn't in any of the beds upstairs. I put on my coat-- I didn't think she was out, but with my brain on Christmas and Peke warp speed, I wasn't sure. She wasn't out there. So, back inside, yelling for her. Matt, my husband, came home, I said, "FIND ANNA!" We were both calling, and I went to the stairs again to our bedroom, and there she is! I have no idea where she was. She must have gotten under the bed. She was acting like, "what are you yelling for?!" Actually, I think she must have been looking for Santa! :-) She looked under beds, on the beds, in the bedrooms, in the kitchen....
She was outside later, and I think she was looking for him then, too. She wanted to give him her Christmas list.
Starlight was looking for Santa, too. But, that's just Dad sitting in the living room-- YES, we let her in. :-)
Max is staring out the window-- looking for Santa. Max, Santa doesn't come until it's dark.
Anna is ready. She has her coat on again and I think she's going outside Christmas Eve to look for him and the reindeer. I'll be with her!
Merry Christmas!!


lady jicky said...

I see alot of pekes looking for santa but ..... like the doggie in the video - have they put out their stocking and a snack for him? LOL
Kenzo ate the snack and little Moi Moi feel asleep on the warm stocking!
Merry Christmas everyone. Its Christmas Eve here in Australia and my puppies are wondering if Santa has a gift for them tomorrow under the tree.
I think he does!!! LOL

Linda said...

Thanks to all of you who have sent more pictures. I'll be putting them on after the holidays, since I'm busy taking care of a new grandboy! Have a blessed Christmas!
Linda and the Pekes