Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stitch and Clarence

This is such a beautiful picture of Stitch with his foster mom! Stitch, on the left, loves his buddy Clarence, his foster mom's Peke (a former foster dog!). He is the best dog, so sweet and housetrained and just plain wonderful!

Stitch gets to go to the office with his foster mom every day. He and Clarence are so wonderful there. I just read an article on why dogs are good in the office. They reduce stress! I believe that. Here's the article if you'd like to read it also: Click here:

Stitch and Clarence want to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


lady jicky said...

Those two are lovely and I see they are with their Mum but..... have they been "naughty"??
Not a gift in sight!

claudine hellmuth said...

awww what a cutie Stitch is! I love his white bib!

Anonymous said...

I miss my Christmas Peke :(