Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gracie Lu's Sleeping Arrangements

Hi Aunt Linda. I am going to tell you where I sleep.
I sleep on the couch.
And on my white bed by the door.....
And on my red bed by the door-- getting ready to watch for Christmas reindeer!
And on the living room chair-- the really good one!
And on the pink bed by the door-- this is from Suzy Q. I like a variety of beds by the door so I can do my job well.
I also sleep on mom's bed-- here I am waiting for her.
I like the red chair in the den.....
And the couch in the den..... (this is from when I had my eye surgery and was being really pampered)....
When Mom is on the computer, I sleep on the sheets that WERE folded on the couch.
And now I'm sleeping on the white bed by the Christmas tree--- I'm really awake listening for Santa. You can tell, right?
Hugs and slobbery kisses GRACIE LU


Jeanne said...

Gracie has the life......this is how all dogs should live. !!!!! She is so pretty.......

lady jicky said...

I know I should not write this but.... darn, its too good to miss.

That Gracie Lu sure sleeps around !


Linda said...

You are too funny!

Karin said...

That is one pampered, pretty pooch!