Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving at the Reeves

I received an email on Jeanne's dogs. Jeanne is our Richmond rep, a great foster home, and my "right hand man" in helping keep the rescue work organized. She also does the web site, along with Larry, her friend and helper. Jeanne has done rescue work for over thirty years and has been an invaluable helper to our rescue group.
Jill Lee and DiDi (in the bed) were waiting for Thanksgiving dinner in hopes of turkey landing in their bowls!
Amy was watching her foster mom-- "Is turkey coming soon?'
Cindy was just thinking, "I wish I had some turkey." Oh, dear, she looks sad. Give her some turkey, Jeanne!
She's trying to be as cute as she knows how-- rolling around in the bed. Dogs will do anything to get some turkey!
Hanna is thinking about it, but now Cindy is now just sleeping. Begging for turkey is hard work.

Did YOUR dogs get turkey for Thanksgiving!?


lady jicky said...

Hi Linda , its Moi Moi here and NO - we did not get any turkey here either!!!!

Infact , I am going on a hunger strike!!!

Mmmmmm ?? I kind of think this is a baaaad idea.
Moi Moi and a bite from Kenzo!

Linda said...

Poor Moi Moi-- I think a lot of dogs missed out on turkey. Little Anna here (foster dog) DID get turkey because we're trying to get her to eat more. She held out for turkey and got some!

lady jicky said...

You go girl Anna!!!!

You have to show them who is boss!!!!

*Sadly, its that brat Kenzo at my house .
Moi Moi

claudine hellmuth said...

look how cute Cindy and Amy are! love getting to see extra photos of them!

Karin said...

Linda and Malinda,
Thanks for your sweet comments about Mocha's heart condition. Sorry, it was a typo. He's eleven, not one. We're just glad the meds are working, but the vet said eventually they will no longer work. Hopefully that won't happen for several more years. You can still send healing vibes, though :-)
Yes, they all got turkey. We're a bunch of softies around here.
I watched the movie last night and I'm so glad it had a happy ending. I kept thinking the cougar better not get Christmas, the dog. The only participating petfinder within an hour from us is a border collie rescue organization. It could be helpful in herding the 3 old poms out of the kitchen.
The pictures of Cindy in the bed in the kitchen are hilarious!