Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One, Two, Three, Four....

Just wanted to include this link for those who have pets who have diabetes. As always, check with your vet. Click here: FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine Alerts Veterinarians About Problems with Vetsulin® to Treat Diabetes in Dogs One vet we know did say: " They haven't started a recall, mainly I think, because this is really the only product on the market. Recalling it would really cause a lot of problems." So check with your vet if you need more information. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
I went to a Homearama-- you know, where new homes are all set up with beautiful furnishings and decorating ideas. I was in a dining room and saw a picture high on the wall. Wait! Is that a Pekingese? Let's get a closer look.
Looks like one to me! I was thrilled-- a Peke at a Homearama! This one has two eyes. But, many Pekes come into rescue with just one eye.
I had to add this picture of DiDi-- my friend Jeanne's QUEEN. She let me know I forgot to put DiDi in this blog-- my humble apologies. What was I thinking??? :-)
Bianca/BB came into rescue with one good eye and one bad eye. The bad eye had to be removed-- now she is a member of the "swash buckler club." She has lots of fellow members of this club.
Benny is one of them-- but he came into rescue that way.
Max also came into rescue with one eye. He's now MY boy! And I love him!!
Many come in with two eyes-- Missy is one of them, but next week, she'll be a member of the "swash buckler club." Unfortunately, one of her eyes is damaged, she is blind in that eye and it bothers her a lot. So, we'll take care of her. And baby her a lot while she recovers from surgery.
This is Charlie-- he has two eyes. He is going to see the ophthalmologist next week. He has some sight problems, but I hope we can save his eyes with special drops. We do all we can to save their sight.
This is Coco-- nothing is wrong with HER eyes! She's a sweetheart, loves her foster parents and loves her doggy friends. I'm having a very hard time keeping track of where they all came from!
Here are two other eyes-- on two dogs! BB is on the floor and Max is on the ottoman. BB has been reading the paper-- she's such an intellectual dog!
Now here are THREE eyes! Scooterbug who is mine is on the ottoman with BB. Two plus one equals three!
Coco and BB-- two eyes plus one eye..... You get the picture.
Here's BB and Scooter again-- three eyes on the couch. They are often together. They are good friends!
Starlight and BB-- two eyes plus one eye... They are not good friends. Starlight just wants BB to leave her alone. :-)
And then there are four eyes! Coco has two eyes, and Starlight has two eyes. Two plus two equals four! We are good, aren't we!
Here are four eyes-- on three dogs. Scooter has two, Max has one, BB has one. Two plus one plus one equals four. We're getting into higher math!

How many canine eyes are in YOUR family?! :-)


lady jicky said...

OMG Linda --- all that math ! My eyes are spinning!! LOL
We have 4 eyes here plus my spinning eyes.
Moi Moi is not well. Looks like the Vet the breeder used to de-sex her was not good! Huh!
Very high temps, infections and discharge . On antibiotics and has to have some investigation work internally. Poor Moi plus , if that was not enough - someone ran into the back of my car today! its a mess.
I am fine but my dear car isn't!
I just hope it wasn't a one eyed peke at the wheel!!!
But wait - there is more - my grandson has a green stick fracture of the wrist and its in plaser up to the top of his left arm - happened yesterday. Carlos is not happy and its hot as anything here at the moment.Fell down some stairs .no , he was not pushed by a couple of 3 eyed pekes, hot sticky hands and he just slipped out of my daughters hands in this heat! He is only 19mths.
Its all "happening" here ! LOL

* Yep, that is a peke on that wall. Now , that interior designer has TASTE! LOL

Tracey said...

Hi Linda,

I have 8 Peke eyes following me from morn until night! Poor Anniebelle's 2 eyes don't see so well anymore. I have to carry her off the deck so she doesn't miss a step and fall!!!

Your Peke's are so beautiful!