Saturday, November 14, 2009


Our power just came on (11:30 at night on Friday). Our power was out for 27 hours. Starlight was just over it! So was I. I resorted to making camping percolator coffee on the grill-- I must have my coffee in the morning. Making coffee on the grill in the rain-- it's not my favorite thing. But, definitely better than no coffee!!
The water is usually between that picket fence and a wire fence we have on our side of the "creek." The water ventured FAR into our yard-- this is a low spot in the yard, so there was no danger to our house. The dogs still had the high side of the yard. But, we could have boated out there today!
Now you can see the deck-- we were safe. The Pekingese were safe.
Where are the ducks?
Max and BB want to know why there is so much water in the yard-- it's that Nor'easter. They come every few years-- and the power always goes out. :-( One year we lost power for 12 days-- that was after a hurricane though.
The water did begin to go down today-- YEA!!! :-)
BB was watching the water levels for me. Max was watching his tennis balls.
They decided they better have a closer look, so they went out onto the Pekingese pathway-- on the high part of the yard. Yes, the water is still there, Max.
Scooter is daring it to come back up-- At least, it's below the ivy level now.
Starlight has had enough-- she's going inside.
Cranbery went out to check things out-- the yard was a mess, sticks, limbs, leaves.....
She decided she had had enough, too.
Missy was recovering from her surgery-- she's in an xpen, so the rest won't bother her. She didn't feel well at all and didn't really care about how high the water was.
Anna came in and decided to curl up in her warm pink bed. She didn't have one accident during the storm. She would wait if it was too bad-- what a great little dog. She is sitting on my lap while I write this.
The power is on, the phones are on, I can check my email (but I'll do it later). We are all fine, and the dogs are glad things are back to normal-- whatever that is. :-)


lady jicky said...

I am glad your power is back on.

Karin said...

That is just awful, Linda! I am so sorry you all had to endure that! Power outages are no fun at all, every hour feels like an eternity. Taking showers in the dark, (our bathroom has no window) etc. I'm glad the water is receding. I remember my grandmother in Bavaria, Germany had a nice peaceful stream right next to her house. But boy when it rained hard and all that run-off came down from the mountains, that stream became really scary and almost reached the bridge.
I am happy the pekes will have a dry yard again ~ hopefully very soon.
I cannot even imagine no power for 12 days!! 27 hours would be my limit!