Friday, November 13, 2009

Nor'easter Hits the Coast

We have sure had some rain. We had a nor'easter hit us. If you don't know what this is, it's a storm that brings massive amounts of rain and wind. The winds yesterday were over 50 mph, and the storm comes from the northeast, hence the name. If you live anywhere near the Virginia coast, you have been wet -- unless you haven't been outside. I have been outside. I have been to the vet-- twice. I have been to a store. I have been outside with the seven dogs here-- I have been wet!

This is what the yard usually looks like-- with dogs sitting in chairs outside in the sun. I love to sit in my back yard, see my trees, see my little stream.
I haven't been able to sit outside today or yesterday. And the water level is up......
WAY UP! It's past the fence, almost to the deck. We have a large slope in the yard, usually a great playground for the dogs-- yesterday it could have been a playground for ducks!
Max and BB are cozy in the rocking chair. BB is wherever another dog is-- in the chair, on the ottoman. When she's adopted, she'll need a friend.
The water came up and the wind was blowing all kinds of limbs down-- so the dogs' visits outside were as brief as possible, with me supervising. I love being wet. NOT.
I refrained from running and jumping in the water. The dogs looked at the water and headed back inside-- smart dogs!
Starlight curled up on Daddy's lap-- one of her favorite places to be.
Look at that face-- I know this drives Shanyn crazy-- she really wants to hold Starlight. Starlight won't let her. It hurts Shanyn's feeling a lot!
Do you hear that Starlight? Do you care?
Max is glad to be dry.
So is sweet little Anna--- also known as Anna Joy or Anna-banana. :-) She's recovering so well from her surgery.
Scooter is content to be dry, too.
Starlight has moved to the dog bed-- any dry place is fine with her. I'd like to be dry, too. Maybe I'll let them go out on their own next time! :-)


lady jicky said...

Linda - please send that water to us!! Its been a stinking hot week and its not over yet. Just what I need with all that is going on here. Its been on average 90f all week with no rain or cool change in sight. Yuk.
Keep those pekes high and dry! LOL

Tracey said...

Let's see, 4 Peke's, swamped backyard... wet mama!! Shadow said, I don't mind swimming. He wants to explore the backyard. And, he guarded me against the evil milk carton floating in the backyard this morning! Pollyanna looked at me and said, "you are kidding, right?" She worked hard to find a place to potty this morning. Anniebelle is my blind Peke. I had to take her out front on the harness as there just is no where out back for her to go! And, the puppy, well Macy is making use of puppy pads! Egads... all my hard potty training going down the drain. OH well hopefully we will dry out soon!

claudine hellmuth said...

we were worried about you guys with all that rain!! stay dry!

Karin said...

Oh is that the stream rising in those pictures? I can imagine that's not a very pleasant feeling. It's sunny and 50's here in Michigan at the moment, anyway. Soory, I'm not trying to rub it in ;-)
When it's pouring here, the dogs just give me that awful look when I open the door to let them out like "you don't expect us to go outside do you??" I tell them it's OK to go potty on the deck just this time, but they don't understand, so they get drenched.