Saturday, November 7, 2009

Teddy and Tess

Tess was adopted in October-- she loves her new home! You can see she lives with big dogs and small dogs. She also lives with Teddy, another one of our rescue dogs. They love being together!
They are all waiting for a treat. Teddy, Trena, Maggie and Tess helping their owners fix lunch,
Tess was a back yard breeders's dog-- She is afraid of squeaky toys, so they put all those away. The rest of the toys are fine, though. She loves being in the backyard; she even beats Teddy's time enjoying the yard. Tess really loves being out. She surveys her domain from the garden and snuggles down into the ivy while Teddy is on "his" lawn chair. Here she is sitting on the patio in the drizzle-- come inside, Tess! :-) Her moms told me, "The other night we put everyone out for the last time to take care of necessary business and all came back but Tess. We had to get flashlights and go crawling thru the back ivy. All the while we could just feel her smiling. When she saw we had spotted her, she came hurrying over to us and flopped over on her back to be picked up and carried in. :) Got her wish, too."
Tess, Teddy and Maggie looking out the sliding glass door. Like all Pekes, they love watching and guarding the outside area.
Teddy is on the couch with Tori, their Doberman. My sister has Dobies and they are great dogs-- They love to back up and sit on your lap. :-)
Teddy and Tess are so happy in their new home. :-)


lady jicky said...

I do love the fact that those Pekes are guarding the outside from the INSIDE!!!

Hey, they know where its cosey!!

Karin said...

Tess sounds like a character. What a great home!

Sylvia & Craig said...

We love hearing about our happy rescued Pekes! Kudos to all that are involved in PVPC resue!! You've brought us such joy with Joshie (aka Joshua) and Jimmy Choo (aka Cocoa). We owe you so much for what you have done for them and for us, too!
Sylvia & Craig

Linda said...

It is our pleasure and blessing to be able to help these little ones to find new homes. It makes our hearts smile!
Linda and the rest of the foster moms/dads in PVPC Rescue