Saturday, November 21, 2009


Jeanne was Campbell's foster mom. (Remember he was adopted once, but the two Pekes there wouldn't let him stay, so he came back to Jeanne's house.)
Campbell is now Camden. I like that! He is one of the prettiest Pekes I've seen. He was put in a shelter by his family-- we don't know why. He was under two years old when we got him.
Campbell loves his new mom. He gets to go for walks, talk to the neighborhood children, and be the little king in his home.
His mom and dad think he is wonderful. He had a little adjustment period, (a lot of them do) and now he is settling in just fine.
He is relaxing more and realizes he does not have to guard everything. Look at this face! What a beautiful boy.
He can rest easy-- he's home now! P.S. I just got an email from Camden's mom-- She said:
"Camden's "hiding" some of his treats. In the house. By putting them behind a trunk. Or up against the couch. Or against the wall in the dining room. Or in his bed. Um, honey, I can see them. They're not really hidden."


Pekiegirl said...

He's such a cute boy! My Shami "hides" his treats the same way-up against a wall, and will take his nose and act like he's covering it up. Pretty funny!!

Mary Elizabeth said...

He actually loves him mom and LOVES LOVES LOVES his new dad! :-) It's my husband's first dog, and watching them together is wonderful! Thanks so much to Jeanne for fostering and to both Jeanne and Linda for their great advice as he adjusted to his new home.

lady jicky said...

WEll you know this peke was my very best favourite boy and if I was able to ---- he would be here in Australia!!!
No, I am not joking either.

I am just so happy for him !! Mmm, maybe what Camden is hiding is his passport!!! LOL
Lots of Happy peke vibes to Camden and his family!!!!!!!!

claudine hellmuth said...

yay! so glad he's doing well and adjusting. he is a beautiful boy!

diane said...

Camden looks so happy and loved! He's so beautiful and sweet, and I miss him although he was only here a short while. He also hid things while here in Norfolk, but he was much more the explorer, especially at night - he loved to explore the vacuum cleaner closet, especially the featherduster! Hugs from your first adopted Mom. To his new Mom, keep us posted with pictures in the upcoming years, I really want to see what a beautiful Peke he matures into...
Miss you Campbell! Love the new name.