Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Web Site

Have you seen our PVPC web site recently? It's all decked out for Christmas! I can't believe the hours it took to make this what it is. It required more knowledge than I have, that's for sure. Hours using "clip art" and new programs-- over twelve hours of work in one day alone, and many other days, too. To all of you who have helped with this web site in the past (Melanie and Shep!), thank you. I never realized how much work it took. I'm okay at blogging, and pet adoption sites, and making photo books (another time consumer), but web sites are out of my league.
Jeanne is our foster rep and foster home in Richmond. She has also become a dear friend to me-- supporting me in many things, not just rescue. She has a huge heart and it's evident in the work she does with the Pekes. She took in Cindy-- and her "sister" Amy below- when a shelter contacted us. Jeanne has dogs of her own, and fostering more takes a lot of time. Vet visits rate high on our weekly schedule, and medical care after surgery is often extensive. (It's worth every minute though!)
Betty, above, came into rescue with some behavior issues from her previous life. She just needed attention! Jeanne has worked with her with love and diligence. Betty is ready for a new home!
Amy was a little breeder dog, but is one who wants to please so much. She is doing great in Jeanne' care and home. Amy and Cindy were a mess when they came in, but several washings allowed Amy's beautiful colors to come through. When foster moms take in new dogs, they don't come in groomed and pretty. We have to see through the dirt. That's why this "signature" is on many of my emails: "We find beauty in the most incomprehensible places and the otherwise homely faces. It is our gift to see beyond the dirt, terror, sadness and defeat and find the true soul that lies within. We are Rescue." Jeanne exemplified this statement.
Here is Jeanne-- under one of the flowering plants in her yard. Her back yard is amazing! (I did a blog previously on her yard.) Jeanne has taken over our club's web site. She wanted to make sure it kept going and even though she had no experience, she decided to learn. She has done an incredible job. THANK YOU!!
She had the amazing help of Larry-- and his dog Buddy! Without a mascot to help, we can't think as well. I think Larry needs a Peke mascot,, too. :-)
Larry has been Jeanne's teacher and "co-author" of our web site now. He has given so graciously of his time and knowledge to teach Jeanne. He has spent hours and hours on it and he and Jeanne have come up with our Christmas home page.
If you go to our web site, you can see this picture-- but on our web site, you can click on the Christmas balls and they will each give you more information. It's incredible! I just love it!
So, thank you Jeanne and Larry-- and Buddy-- for the work you are doing to make our web site so wonderful, for the time you give. I appreciate you both! And you, too, Buddy!!


claudine hellmuth said...

super work on the web site! I fully understand how long that can take! Cindy is a sweetie I love her worried face :)

lady jicky said...

What a great job - love the pekes peeking out of the Christmas tree!! May they all get adopted.

Jeanne - you have one fantastic Angels Trumpet tree there. Do you know that the Mexican Indians make a sort of brew from them and they can make you go very "funny" if you know what I mean!
Don't do it !!!! Some people have died because they have poisoned themselves!!!