Monday, November 23, 2009

Pink Bed Club

Gloria, our vice-president of our club, gave me a bunch of pink beds for the foster dogs. All the dogs seem to love them-- Scooter and Cranberry aren't fosters though-- but they decided to get in them. They don't fit!
"I do, too!" says Cranberry.
"Of course, I do," says Scooter-- "I'm not falling over the sides, honest!"
Anna fits just fine. It's a great head rest if you want to take a nap. When she's adopted, her little bed will go with her. It's washable, too! I love things that are washable-- I do a lot of dog laundry. Have to keep things fresh.
What do your dogs sleep in?


lady jicky said...

They look like giant pink marshmellows with peke toppings! LOL
I want to push those pekes out and pop in them myself they look so comfy cosey!
We don't have any pink beds here but we do have blue , brown and two ocelot ones ---- sexy. WEll that is when they are "fresh".
Washable beds are a must!

Karin said...

Those poofy pink beds are adorable and the pekes obviously love them too. Mine have a heart-shaped basket with a fluffy hot-pink cover. My daughter just started making the cute hand-tied flannel blankies for the dogs ~ there are so many cute patterns out there.
I know what you mean about dog laundry;)

claudine hellmuth said...

awww!! at Anna loving her pink bed!!