Friday, November 6, 2009

Amazing Grace

Here are two of the dogs from the puppy mill raid that our group took in. Actually, two very special people, John and Terry, have changed their lives. You see, these two had very little chances of adoption. One was blind and deaf and the other had tumors all over. If it was cancer, she had little time left.
John and Terry picked these two out to give them a chance to sit in the sun, know love, eat well and sleep in comfort.
They are in the car, on the way to freedom!
"Are we there yet?"
Almost there!
This is Grace. She probably has a little something mixed in with her "Pekeness." :-) She has tumors, but the vet thinks they are not malignant.
She has that "deer in the headlights" look but she is just posing pretty for the camera. This is all new for her, so she'd doing her best to look beautiful.
Grace loves to play with toys-- she never had them before. She heard a neighbor fire a rifle (Grace's family lives in the country) and she was afraid. But, cuddling in hr mom's lap made her feel safe again. And her tail started to wag and she was fine.
This is Amazing. Look at those little teeth. Love that look. Amazing is deaf and blind. She also has a deep scar on her forehead-- probably from a dog fight. She is very submissive.
This is my favorite picture of her-- you can already see the confidence building in her.
And her sweet face is beautiful. Rescuing these precious dogs is so fulfilling-- WE are the ones who are blessed when we help them. WE are the ones who see the smiles come, receive the kisses, get the hugs and see their joy bloom.
We get to see them begin to explore and feel safe in their new environment. Amazing uses her nose to find her new dad-- and she starts wagging her tail as soon as she smells her new parents walk into her room. We foster parents smile with tears in our eyes as we see them progress and become "real dogs."
And here's Grace and Amazing-- or as we call the pair, "AMAZING GRACE."
They are safe now-- and these two are HOME, where they will remain the rest of their lives. Thank you John and Terry for being part of the miracle of these dogs.
I just received a new update on Grace. Here's what her new mom said: "Little Grace (the sighted one) went down the hall last night for the first time...she followed me until we hit doorways, then she dove into the bedroom, library, bathroom sniffed in each room then ran back to the hall to make sure not to lose me. Then she ran back to her playpen, and got on her hind legs to get me to lift her in....wagging, but enough new stimulation for the moment. they are precious." THANK YOU for taking such loving care of these two!!


Pekiegirl said...

God bless John and Terry! I love to hear about these kind of rescues! I'm sure they will get as much love out of this as will the two pekes they took in.

Jeanne said...

WOW... what a story......Everyone should experience the joy of fostering....does my heart good every day......

claudine hellmuth said...

This post made me cry!!! so glad they are safe!! What beautiful precious babies.

Mary Elizabeth said...

How wonderful. So glad that these two beautiful little girls will have a family and a home...

I saw a car magnet a few days ago. It was a paw and it said, "who rescued who?" on it.

Blessings to this family!

Marian Brzostek said...

John and Terry are definitely angels to these two beautiful dogs. May the two girls have a long, wonderful, happy and fulfilling life with their new family!! There should be more people in this world with hearts as big as theirs............

lady jicky said...

I feel like everyone in the comments above - it is a wonderful thing you do Linda. It is a wonderful thing John and Terry do and it is a wonderful thing Amazing and Grace do too - they are the most brave for they must "trust" man again. This time they will have their trust honoured!
May the Good Karma kiss you all and that Bad Karma will go to these creeps who run the puppy mills. Its time they are outlawed!
*they are here too Linda and you know I feel the same about it where ever in the world people are just pumping out puppies in this shocking manner!

Karin said...

I cannot imagine what these poor dogs have been through. Thank Goodness there are still good people to show them the love and kindness they've deserved all along. Thank-you John and Terry!