Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lily and Wiley

Wiley and Lilly (formerly Scooter and Chelsea) were adopted together. Chelsea was a back yard breeder dog and so timid. Wiley was in terrible shape, and owner turn in to a shelter. He was underweight and flea ridden. I took him to the vet and got him all cleaned up.
His hair is growing back and he's gained two pounds in his new home! Chelsea, now Lily is also doing great. She and Wiley have become best friends. They play on their walks and sleep together. Chelsea was very timid, but now she loves to greet the neighbors and get tummy rubs.
They have serious faces here-- but on walks, Lily flies and glides over the grass like a reindeer. Wiley is enjoying the walks more everyday as his energy increases, but when he's done outside, he's done!
Here's Lily having lap time. It just warms my heart to see our rescue/foster dogs so content in their new homes. This is why we rescue. It's why we spend time and money and give lots of love-- these Pekes just blossom. And then they're adopted, and they blossom more!
If you want to see more of our foster dogs, just go to We have a LOT now since we have taken in over 15 dogs in the last two weeks-- they're not all posted yet because they're still being evaluated.


Jeanne said...

Two very luck "pekes" What a great story with a great ending.....They both are very cute.

lady jicky said...

Aren't they two sweeties! I am so happy for them.
I do hope you can get some more fosters for all those pekes Linda.
Must be very stressful for you trying to rehouse them and get them well.
I send my love and special wishes to you , all the fosters and those pekes.

claudine hellmuth said...

so precious with her little paw in her mommy's lap.