Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Amelia, Missy, Lilly and Wiley

This is Missy-- she's being fostered in S.E. Virginia. She had to have an eye removed, but is doing GREAT!! If you remember, she came into rescue with pink ears-- but that's gone now. I think she is quite stunning!
Amelia was going incognito and hiding under the bed trying to take a nap. But, we foster moms love to take pictures! We get into all kinds of positions to take them, too. Like laying on the floor to get that shot of the Peke under the bed-- Good thing people aren't taking OUR picture while we do this. :-)
Here they are: Amelia, Wiley (adopted), Lilly (adopted) and Missy. Missy looks like she is laughing at us, but she is yawning. I guess she was tired at the end of the day. But, she still looks adorable!

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lady jicky said...

What a lovely photo the last one is of the four of them.
Like a bunch of friends at the movies! LOL