Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Snow!

I wanted to wish Moi Moi, in Australia, a happy 6th birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
That's my house-- surrounded by snow.
Snow is so pretty-- but it has to be COLD for there to be snow and I'm a warm weather kind of woman.
I put on my boots and went out with the dogs to take pictures. Here's our little creek. There were ducks out there. Poor ducks!
Here's another view of the creek. It's beautiful out there-- snow gives a calm, quiet view of life. I love how it looks-- I just want to be warm, too.
Scooter loves the snow.
Starlight was okay with the snow-- and when she was ready to come in, she SAT in it. And waited for me to get her. Starlight, you'll be warmer faster if you come up the steps yourself.
See, Cranberry knows how to do it. We've cleaned the steps off for you.
Scooter and Leo are still running around. Leo LOVES the snow. He doesn't like water (he's a lab, and he should like water), but he loves the frozen variety of it!
He loves to roam and run and chase snowballs.
Anna thinks they're nuts. She had a shirt on and a sweater-- she's so small, I had to keep her warm. With erh pink and black sweater, she looks like a female bumblebee!
Here she is modeling her pink coat over her sweater-- she always had two layers on outside because she has at least one layer on inside!
And what do they do after they've been out? They rest! On rocking chairs.
On ottomans.
On the couch.
On pillows.
And in pink beds! They rest-- playing in the snow is exhausting! :-)


lady jicky said...

Hi Linda. I am sitting here looking at your snow on Moi Moi's birthday. Moi is 6 years old today and she had chicken and a pavlova - this is a traditional Aussie dessert with cream and passionfruit.
Its 10.13 at night and the temp is 86f !! I don't think we will be sleeping tonight. So hot.
I am looking at all the Snow Peke's outside and then they are inside apre ski -- I wonder if they have all had hot toddies and snoozed off in their beds.LOL

claudine hellmuth said...

so sweet!! Love seeing them all playing in the snow. Love Anna's pink sweater!

Karin said...

Snow is nice ~ for just a little while... 5 months of it is
way too long. Pekes must not have an undercoat to help them stay warm, do they?

Linda said...

Some Pekes love to be out when it's cold, some just don't have the ability to stay warm. My Cranberry loves it, but little Anna has to wear a sweater and her feet get pretty cold as she tries to forge through the mountainous snow drifts-- as least they are to her. :-)