Saturday, February 13, 2010

Missy, Lilly and Wiley

There is a pet insulin warning. If your pet is a diabetic, please go to this site: Click here: FDA Issues Alert for Vetsulin® Insulin
Missy is one of our foster dogs-- She had to have an eye removed, but it gave her so much trouble that she never missed it!
She loves her big pillows-- they are all over the house! She's curled up with Wiley and Lily, her brother and sister in her foster home.
Missy (bottom), Lilly (on left) and Wiley are waiting for their parents to come back upstairs. Missy is a foster dog-- she came into rescue with pink ear fringes, but those are just about gone. She is very affectionate and love to have belly rubs. Pekes like to keep us in sight, and these three are no exception!

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lady jicky said...

Aren't they cute on the stairs!