Monday, February 1, 2010


Before I show you my Pekes in the snow, I want you to see a video of Camden (formerly Campbell) in the snow! Click here: YouTube -
My Cranberry loves the snow. I think she does the snow dance every winter until it snows. And this year, she must have danced extra hard!
Anna, Starlight and Cranberry were checking out the snow-- it got deeper though.
My daughter's lab Leo and Scooter are checking out how deep it is.
For Anna, with her short legs, it's plenty deep.
Theere were icicles on the house. After I took these pictures, I knocked these down so they didn't become spears and attack my dogs.
They lined the house, and were really pretty-- but they had to go.
Scooter thought they were great-- he thought it was a popsickle!
Scooter, Max and Cranberry are looking for more. They're gone-- they're going to melt. I hope they do-- so warmer weather will return!


lady jicky said...

Firstly it was wonderful to see Camden -- he looks so happy in that snow and so does Missy Cranberry!!
I could see Kenzo trying to chew on the ice too Linda.
Looks so cold. I tell you - I must experience snow !
Going to be 100f tomorrow - want to swap? LOL

claudine hellmuth said...

love all the pics of the snowy pekes! So fun! Toby only got to see snow once and as a Florida peke he didn't know what to make of it!

Pekiegirl said...

We got 8" here in Md. Poor Yoshi wouldn't get off the porch until my husband shoveled a path to the yard for him! Shami thinks it's great!! He boinks around in the snow chasing the little snowballs he makes by boinking!