Friday, February 5, 2010

Nutmeg aka Meggie/Names?

Before we start, I'm asking for names for this one. He is coming to us soon. It's a male, about 1-2 years old. He'll need some attention once we get him (as soon as the rules allow), but I need some name suggestions! Send them on!
This little girl is new to rescue, too, and I have several suggestions so far. She is only about a year old, and 8.5 pounds-- what would YOU name her?? Send your suggestions on this little girl! You can put them on the blog comments.
Remember Nutmeg? She was one of our foster dogs. She had been abandoned at a KOA campground in VA.
She went to a foster home in Richmond-- she was shy and a little afraid of being handled.
But, she loved her foster mom's daughter! We call her Dr. Doolittle-- all the Pekes love her!
Meggie is loving the massage/back rub.
Sugar Bun, the Doxie, wants a neck rub, too!

Nutmeg/Meggie's foster mom and dad adopted her! She will be loved for life now!


Mary Elizabeth said...

So glad that Nutmeg has such a great home! Her story is just beginning!

The new little girl looks like a Sophie to me. The little boy, I'm thinking looks like a Joey.

Unisex name I love the idea of, but am not sure about the practicality of, is Xiao Go. (Chinese for "small dog.") That was going to be Gracie's name, but when I saw her she was Grace.

Fun fact... when I'm around people from China they will often refer to my pekingese as a "Beijing Go." Took me a second, but Peking *is* now Beijing... so it's a Beijing Dog.

lady jicky said...

I think Snowflake would be a good name for a white peke.

For the golden one I like Ginger- for that is the colour of her fur.
both are lovely Linda.

lady jicky said...

Oh I nearly forgot!

I am so happy for Missy Nutmeg!!

Maggie English said...

Both new little ones are so adorable, but it just breaks my heart to see his condition! I like all the name suggestions so far. I was also thinking names for him: Tim, Teddy, Peyton. For her: Ava, Olivia, or Tasha.

Essie aka Mrs Doolittle said...

I think Bengie (notice the ie on all of my kids names) would be a cute name for the handsome baby boy. say it out loud. B-e-n-g-i-e
Now doesn't that sound so cute?
For that percious little girl Sophie is so cute. I like the ie at the end. Or Cloie is neat too. Or just plain ole Precious.
Dr. Doolittle is my husband. My daughter is Little Doolittle. ggg
Meggie just loves her to pieces. Meggie isn't as shy anymore in fact she thinks she runs the pack now. She gets her brothers blood pumping out on the race track Daddy made in the snow in the back yard. Who knew there were such things as racing Pekingese.
I will send some new pictures of Meggie in her pretty little yellow dress soon.

Cris said...

Congrats to Nutmeg and her new home - clearly that is where she is meant to be and she looks so happy...and I am sure she is making her new family very happy.

That sweet boy looks like a "Jax" or maybe "ZeeK"/ "Zak" "Sonny" (kinda like Sunny since he's a handsome blonde)? lol I'm not sure:~)
For that sweet little girl I also like the previous suggestion of "Ginger" my neighbor has a Pom named that. Or you could do "Gie-Gie" Or maybe something cute like Mae-Mae (May-May)? Can you tell I like the repeating names lol. Maganda or just Ganda...means pretty in Tagalog (Filipino's main dialect) for some reason I really like the repetitive short names! Take care!

MelanieSamet said...

How about Lila for the white one? Or Blondie?
Or what about Flurry?

For the other baby, how about Honey or Hazel?

Both are so cute. Is the fawn colored one John and Terri's new baby?

Anonymous said...

charlie and scarlett!

Nutmeg is so cute...why wouldn't her foster parents have wanted to keep her?!?

claudine hellmuth said...

oh what sweeties! I love the little redhead girl. I like Ginger too for her!

Karin said...

I'm horrible at picking names, so I'll go with some of the ones already mentioned:) I think Ginger is a really good fit.
Some of my favorite names are Maggie, Abbey, Sadie, and Ozzie. My daughter's Corgi is named Willow.

diane said...

How about Murphy for the little boy and Megan for the girl??

Unknown said...

I think the little white guy looks like a "Spencer".