Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Trio Update

Trio came to my house from a shelter in October. She was spayed, had all her vaccines, and promptly found a new home. Her mom said it feels like she has always been with them.
She has a new best friend named Arbie. They are rarely apart.
They even veg on Dad's legs together.
They're comfortable-- is Dad?? :-)
Arbie, are you falling asleep?
It's funny how dogs can be comfortable anywhere! Yes, Trio, you're getting your picture taken again.
Like I said, they LIKE to be together!
Look at her now! Her hair has grown in, and she is bright eyed and assured of how loved she is.
She went to a mountain retreat with her family and had such a fun time! I think she's checking things out. I'm sure her sister was helping her.
I think she sees a squirrel! She has a very intent look on her face.
She is so beautiful now! I love to watch our foster/adopted Pekes blossom. It's like watching a flower open. Trio, you are beautiful! And your mom says you are the light of her life!


lady jicky said...

All I can say is - "how lovely this is"!!!

Potomac said...

What a great ending for Trio.....she is sooooo pretty. They make a great pair.....I can see why her Mom loves her so much. She is a doll.

claudine hellmuth said...

yay Trio!! Love to hear about the happy endings!

Cate Bach said...

Hey, y'all! Trio and Arbie's mom here...Trio really has Linda and Mary (I believe) to thank for this happy ending...as do we! We love you all! Allan, Cate, Arbie, & Trio (New Kent, VA)