Friday, February 19, 2010


Check out the Peke competition at the Westminster Kennel Club.
This is Tofu. He was in a shelter in November, 2008 and his mom was told he was a Peke mix. She said she researched and think he is actually a Tibetan Spaniel mix-- but they're related to Pekes.
Tofu was enjoying playing in the back yard. I've had this type of ball for my dogs and mine won't play with them. But, Tofu is sure having fun!
I love this picture! He is running about the yard so fast that he's a blur!
My dogs have these balls, but they won't play with them. Tofu sure likes it though.
Tofu's mom said he had no training when she brought him home, even though he was about two years old. Thanks to obedience classes, two wonderful trainers and nonstop work, he is much calmer and better behaved. He'll always have allergies, which means a special diet and limited treats. He will always be an escape artist, too, which is why she walks him with an Ultra Paws Escape Artist harness. ( She emailed Tofu's measurements and had the harness within days. It cost $35.95, plus shipping and handling. I haven't tried this, but am always looking out for good dog products!
I think Tofu likes his new home! (His mom has donated things to our foster dogs-- leashes, harnesses, food, toys, treats-- thank you!!)


Pekiegirl said...

That ball is Shami's favorite toy! He's always ready with it, in his mouth, whenever we are home. You can bounce it off the walls and it won't hurt anything! Great toy!

lady jicky said...

I must say I love Tofu's name and I do think he is a tibby!

Linda- I really enjoyed seeing the peke Westminster. I must remember to swish Moi MOi's tail over her back when we go on a walk. LOL
They all had wonderful full coats. Now that is alot of brushing going on there!
I see in our papers a Scottish Terrier won this year!

Unknown said...

That's my "stepbrother"! I'm his mom's daughter. After witnessing firsthand the time, effort, and expense required to rehab one special needs, untrained adult dog, I have even more respect for those who do it over and over again.
In the shelter, he had a short, dull coat; was unneutered and not housebroken; and had no manners whatsoever, so everyone passed him by. Now, many people can't believe that such a beautiful, well-behaved (sometimes--it's a work in progress!) dog was "thrown away." Thank you for providing a second chance to so many dogs that others have passed by! :)

Linda said...

Thank you Laura! It's nice to "meet you" :-). Your mom sent me a lot of collars, toys and other dog things-- I've used most of it already!
Give Tofu a hug from all my Pekes.