Thursday, February 24, 2011


It's bath day for Lacy and her brother Lafite. I think that little red bird is telling us the bath van is about to arrive! (Lacy's mom sent that picture, too, so I had to include it!)
Someone has a sense of humor to name their dog washing van "U Dirty Dog." Very clever!
Here is the email Lacy wrote me: "Hi Miss Linda,

It is Lacy and Lafite again, and we wanted to send you some new pictures.
Our Mommy is a little weird when it comes to us getting our bath. She doesn't take us to salon like some puppies get to go. She has the salon come to us.
So today was our bath day. (yuck)! But we really needed it. We both were kinda stinky. You should have seen Lafites grinch feet, his feet hair was soooo long that we could have braided it.
I have little dainty grinch feet, you might see them in the picture but we had them trimmed and we look soooo pretty and we smell really good.
We have been getting lots of pitures taken here lately.
We attached some pictures of us sleeping ( our favorite past-time).
Of course, there are pictures of me, Lacy, playing with my babies.
We hope to see you soon, Puppy hugs and wet kisses,

Lafite and Lacy


lady jicky said...

I love the name of the dog wash business too!!!

Kenzo and Moi send their wishes to Lacy and Lafite -- "may the water dry up in that van!!!" LOL

Tracey said...

Lacy and Lafite are so sweet! Linda, I love reading your blog in the morning. It is the first thing I do when I get to work and it always puts a smile on my face! My Peke's desparately need their feets trimmed as well as toenails!! Grinch the term! That is what mine have!!

Linda said...

I love that term, too-- Grinch Feet. Means everything in the yard comes in with them! haha I trim my Pekes' feet before baths, and trim their nails. I can do them all except for Max, who is adverse to having his nails trimmed. I hold him, Matt trims the nails while I hold a spoon of peanut butter in front of him to distract him. ;-)

Karin said...

Lacy and Lafite are beautiful even before their bath! Love the pet grooming business name! Ozzie has the worst grinch feet out of my three ~ I'm surprised he doesn't trip and fall sometimes. Trimming black nails makes me very nervous.

emilyp said...

So cute!! I love these blogs:)

Karin said...

I hadn't thought of peanut butter :) I used to distract them with Braunschweiger :) Peanut butter is probably better because it takes longer to eat.