Tuesday, February 1, 2011


THIS MORNING, please pray for my grandson Beach Bit, he is in the hospital. I'm headed that way now.
You know we have a lot of pink beds in our house. Why? Because I ended up with about 5 of them! I've given some away, but I have several left. Scooter is in one here. It's an area I had set up for a new arrival. Scooter thought it was a cool area.

My friends have pink beds for their dogs-- this is Lacy. She was one of our foster dogs who has a great home in Maryland. (I'll be doing a blog on her and her brother, Lafite, soon. They went to New York!)

Here she was a foster dog-- her pink bed in the picture before this one is so much nicer! (And she looks so great now as opposed to when we first got her.)

Lillie Faith in her pink bed with her toy-- isn't she cute! It looks like she has the same kind of pink bed as I have here.

Of course, Cubbie Woo got to use the pink bed when he was here-- boys and girls alike use the pink bed.

Legend, one of our newest -- and SWEESTEST-- fosters used it when he visited my house on Sunday night. I just wanted to kiss him! (I'll be doing a blog on his visit soon.)

This is Coco Puff-- she looks "bedraggled" but that's because I woke her up. WHAT, she seemed to say. She was all curled up, half in and half out of the pink bed while we traveled to her new home. (And she's doing GREAT there!!!)

But, the pink bed is not just for Pekingese. Beach Bit has used it. I think he looks very cute in it! I have one in the laundry room for the dogs-- but when I have to change things from the washer to the dryer-- well, sometimes, Beach Bit gets to rest there. He thinks he looked very dashing in it. Don't you think so?

I gave a pink bed to my daughter-- she has two Pekes, a shepherd mix and a cat-- and chickens and horses, oh, my. She lives at the FARM, which I do blogs on sometimes. Her cat, Charlie, decided he was a Pekingese so that he could qualify for the pink bed. He looks just fine there!!


lady jicky said...

Firstly I am praying for your grandson !

Its Moi Moi's birthday tomorrow and she told me she wants one of those magic pink beds!
I shall keep my eyes open for one :)

Everyone, including Beach Bit looks good in a MAGIC PINK BED!!!

Tracey said...

Praying for Beach Bit and hoping he is okay!!!

Love the pink beds!!!

emilyp said...

I hope everything is okay with your Grandson..please keep us posted.

Karin said...

I'm praying for Beach Bit, Linda.