Sunday, December 30, 2012


 Alastor came into rescue in June.  We honestly didn't know if he would make it, because he was in such serious condition.    Alastor sent me an email and he wants to tell his story.
 My name is Alastor “Mad Eye” Moody and this is my story. I used to have a different name but I do not remember it. I like this one better because I am named after a character from Harry Potter who is strong and brave.
  My new mom said I needed a strong name to help me get well. I was at a shelter after I got lost and my family did not come for me. I was so sick the kind shelter workers contacted PVPC and let me go early before my official time because they were afraid I would die. (I fooled them!).
 I tried to charm them all with kisses but nobody wanted them because my teeth were so bad. My foster mom and dad told me I was profoundly underweight,had a very bad heart, severe anemia,fleas and ticks,rotten teeth and a disease called Ehrlichiosis (from the ticks). They were afraid I would die soon(I fooled them too!)
 My mom said my body was weak but my spirit was strong. My mom and Dad gave me medicine and hand fed me home cooked food every day for two months.
  My teeth hurt so bad I would not eat by myself at all, but I wanted to live. I finally had a family to love me and I was not going to give up now. Finally mom said I was as strong as I could get until my teeth were fixed.
  She knew she had to pull my bad teeth but she was very afraid I would not make it through surgery. (I fooled her again!) My mom (who is also my vet) was very scared but she took every precaution and put me under anesthesia to pull 12 abscessed teeth. She said my heart never missed a beat the entire surgery but hers sure did!
 Mom was sure I would feel bad the next day and not eat but I fooled her again! The next morning I ate an entire bowl of soft dog food without even any people food and did not even have to be hand fed! It was the first time in years I could eat without pain. I have now gained 4 pounds and mom says my nickname should be “chunkmeister”. Now I can even give kisses and nobody wrinkles their nose!
I go to work with my mom everyday and always look out the window the entire ride. Most of my life was not like this and I do not want to miss anything now. Life is too short for us all and I do not plan to waste even one single second ! I get to sleep in the bed every night and be spoiled every day. I love this life.

My Mom and Dad told me I am now a foster failure and I can stay here forever, but I knew that all along. They could not fool me!
My name is Alastor “Mad Eye” Moody and this is my story complete with a happy ending!
Alastor and his Mom


Toni Davis said...

What a touching story as told by Alastor! It brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy for this little guy and how blessed he was to go to Lucinda's care. He is one handsome pup and his happiness shows!

Unknown said...

OMG, Im crying my eyes out and I'm sitting in the dentist chair waiting for my dentist.

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Hooray for Alastor!! We are SO glad! Love & kisses from Ted & Grace & their Mom!

Ted & Grace's Mom said...

Hooray for Alastor!!! We are SO glad for you!! Love & kisses from Ted & Grace & their Mom!

lady jicky said...

Oh Alastor I am so happy you have a loving home and .... do you know you have 2 girlfriends in Australia???

Yep -- huge kisses from Moi Moi and Coco !!!